Rick and morty season 5

Morty is a 14-year old boy. His grandfather Rick is a scientific genius and an alcoholic. Together they go on wild other-dimensional adventures.

I had high hopes for rick and morty. It is very highly rated on IMDB (currently #12 in their Top 250 TV Series) and the humour seemed offbeat and absurdist – just the way I like it.

Rick and Morty

So much for that.

Unfortunately it is absurd without there really being any thought behind it. Monty Python were so funny because, while their humour seemed so outrageously bizarre and unreal, there was clearly a lot of thought behind it. The humour poked fun at everyday customs and often circled back for a fantastic punchline.

Rick and Morty, on the other hand, is absurd in an unplanned, chaotic sort of way. It’s just a random walk with no big punchline. Not clever and just silliness for the sake of it.

There are some funny moments, so it’s not a total waste but not worth waiting for amongst all the dull, rick and morty season 5.

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